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Early Career Launch professionals help students and young adults be successful in their first several career moves — from internships to landing their “first job” and through early career changes.

About Us

Mary Bloomer founded Early Career Launch in 2010, drawing upon her experiences working in the Career Development office at the Yale School of Management and after a long career in investment banking. Our early career advising experience, coupled with a deep understanding of the broad range of opportunities and potential paths for current students and recent graduates, position us to add significant value to our clients’ career planning and to achieve success in their search processes.


Career Advisory Services:

We begin our work together with a new client with a complimentary 30 minute phone conversation.  During this conversation, we will talk about your past work and academic experiences, your skills and interests, and your career objectives going forward. Our clients come to us with wide ranging experiences, academic backgrounds, and levels of understanding and focus as to their career goals and the opportunities suited to their interests. 


Many clients are at the very beginning stages of thinking about possible career paths and come to us to help them build an understanding of varied industries and roles, as well as to develop and guide them through a search process and how to market themselves.  Others are very focused on a particular position and work with us on how to most effectively obtain an offer at that targeted role.  Because of our varied clients, our work with each is highly tailored to best meet their needs.


Services Include: 

- Work related skills and interests assessment

- Career exploration, research, and targeting

- Structuring an achievable step by step job/internship search plan

- Impactful resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn presence, correspondence, and other marketing materials

- Sourcing and identifying specific job/internship opportunities

- Networking skills and tactics

- Interview preparation, including extensive mock interviews

- Offer assessment and negotiation

- Onboarding tips

The desired outcome of a great job/internship requires effectiveness in each of these. While time spent with each client in each of these areas varies depending on their needs, we dedicate our efforts to ensuring each clients has the knowledge and skills to achieve success in their job search. 


For Career Paths in:

Advertising, Marketing, PR, and Corporate Communications




Consumer Products


Data Analytics 









General Management/  Development Programs






Human Resources 


Investment Banking

Investment Management/ Hedge Funds

Investment Research






Non Profits, NGOs, and

Think Tanks


Private Equity


Real Estate




Sales and Trading


Strategic Planning and

Corporate Development