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Career Advisory Services

Early Career Launch professionals work with clients in a wide range of areas related to defining their career goals and developing successful processes to find the right early career positions. We focus on the following critical areas:

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Taking the time to identify your interests, skills, values, and preferences, as well as your weaknesses and dislikes, will not only help insure a good job fit, but will actually increase your chances of getting a job as you will be better able to articulate who you are and what you have to offer. Early Career Launch professionals work with our clients using established and respected self assessment tools, as well as in a more individualized manner through one on one meetings, to help our clients see more clearly how “who they are” translates into a professional role.
Young adults, whether pursuing their first job out of college or graduate school, a career move several years after graduating, or an internship while still in school, are in the “exploratory” stages of their career. They typically have had limited real exposure to how companies are run or how functional roles are performed. Similarly, they have had limited experience in assessing the value of their skills, experiences, and interests as they relate to any professional role or environment. At Early Career Launch, we help students identify and use research resources available on a wide scope of industries and typical early career roles within them. We teach them how to go beyond print and online resources to get real life information as to what it is really like to work in a particular field. We work with them to match their skills, interests, values and preferences with our knowledge of functional role needs, organizational cultures, career development opportunities, and the broader employment landscape. Most importantly, we teach our clients transferrable career research skills, which will undoubtedly be used again, as their interests and the job market change over time.
A job search plan is unique to each individual and can differ dramatically depending upon several factors, including industry as well as number of industries targeted, a candidate’s qualifications, whether targeted positions exist or must be “created”, the breadth of contacts a candidate has within those industries, etc. Early Career Launch professionals assist you in developing an orderly and detailed approach to making contact and following through as you make connections and progress with your targeted companies.
Your resume is a critical marketing tool that outlines your academic, professional and other experiences, skills, and accomplishments in a clear, concise, easy to read format... all on one page (essential at this stage of your career). It should “tell your story” in a professional manner using action verbs and highlighting skills and experiences transferable to your targeted positions. The Early Career Launch team has reviewed and revised thousands of resumes and is highly experienced in helping clients create results oriented resumes which champion their achievements.
A well written cover letter, tailored to the company and position targeted , will help distinguish you from the pool of other applicants. More importantly, a poorly written letter will most certainly disqualify you as a candidate! Your cover letters should make reference to a referral, if any, to the firm, succinctly state your qualifications as they relate to that particular position or firm, demonstrate an interest in the position and firm, thank the reader for his attention, and state how you intend to follow-up on the opportunity. We also assist our clients with other forms of communication including, how to request and conduct an informational interview, proper email and phone etiquette, thank yous, and effective use of social media (such as LinkedIn and Facebook).
The importance of networking cannot be overstated in your career search and development. It puts you in a proactive position in your job search and affords you visibility in the significant “hidden” job market. A large percentage of open positions are never published and are created as employers become acquainted with interesting you! Also, whether published or unpublished, an employer will generally choose a candidate to whom they have been personally referred or have met. We teach you how to fully utilize your available networks, be they school or alumni, clubs and team affiliations, professional associations, and family and friends. We encourage our clients to create a spreadsheet or other tracking system detailing their networking efforts, to be certain opportunities to broaden or enhance their network are not missed.
Landing an interview in today’s difficult economy is an achievement in itself, and therefore, certainly not something to do without extensive preparation. Early Career Launch professionals work with you to develop clear, concise, and honest responses to typical interview questions, as well as to take a proactive approach to the interview such that, in the course of the interview, you have the opportunity to fully pitch your credentials and qualifications. We also you teach you the level of preparedness needed to demonstrate an understanding of the employer and its industry. Delivery matters, and often the manner in which you present yourself becomes as important as your qualifications to the interviewer. Through video taped mock interviews we help you see how you come across and how to correct issues such as nervousness, eye contact, facial expressions, voice level, fidgeting, etc. A successful interview leaves the interviewer with not only a clear and impressive picture of your qualifications for the position, but also a sense of enjoyment from the time spent with you. We teach you how to engage the interviewer in the session and to assess and meet his/her objectives, as well as your own.
Early Career Launch professionals teach you how to conduct a negotiation and how to determine if your offer is competitive. We assist you in evaluating and deciding among multiple offers and provide strategies to graciously both accept and reject offers.
At Early Career Launch, we help you set goals and objectives when starting a new role, understand and be cognizant of organizational culture and proper business etiquette, and manage both your and your employer’s expectations.

Our efforts all ultimately focus on positioning our clients to achieve lasting career success. To benefit most successfully from our advisory services, we recommend that clients spend time working with our advisors in each of the above areas as the desired outcome of a great job offer requires effectiveness in all of these areas. We recognize that each client’s proficiencies will vary in each area, and as a result, we may spend more time, for example, working on self assessment with one client and networking strategies and skills with another.

Our preferred approach is to customize our advice, focusing on individual development requirements with each client, while also being certain our clients have all the requisite skills to most effectively market themselves. Typically, by the end of a complimentary introductory session, we can develop an advising plan focused on each of the areas needing further development and attention.