References and Testimonials

In addition to the several testimonials below, prospective clients may request more thorough references from many of our prior clients and clients’ parents. When appropriate, we are happy to arrange a conversation with a prior client to discuss our services and capabilities in greater detail.

“Mary’s insight, expertise and guidance helped me at every stage of my career search. From company selection to identifying my strengths and weaknesses to helping me clearly and concisely communicate my value proposition. With Mary’s guidance, I was able to clearly articulate my career goals and aspirations in my interviews, which made me stand out amongst other top notch candidates. I highly recommend Mary to anyone that wants a true, caring, and professional career consultant with the background and the knowledge to give you a leg up in the process of launching your career. I know that I couldn’t have done it without Mary’s help. I am forever grateful to have successfully accomplished the career transition that I had set out to achieve.”

Yale School of Management, Class of 2011

“I’m interested in a career in healthcare and among all the career counselors I’ve worked with, Gary is without a doubt the most knowledgeable and experienced in this industry. Coming from a non-business background I have limited knowledge in this field. Gary helped me expand my target company list to include many more companies that suited my career interest. One special thing about Gary is that he’s more like a mentor rather than career advisor, because he sincerely cares about my career inspirations. He spends a lot of effort trying to understand why a student wants to focus on certain industry or job functions, before pointing him/her to the job postings. He also urges us to give more thoughts on long-term career growth and encourages us to be more open-minded.”

Yale SOM student,
2011 graduating class

“Over the course of 2 degrees at top business schools, I have worked with numerous career coaches and advisers; Mary truly differentiated herself from the rest. Her willingness to really listen to and understand your goals, skills, and experiences, in conjunction to her wealth of knowledge and industry experience, resulted in incredibly useful, customized guidance and advice. Rather than simply handing me the same cookie-cutter advice that can be found all over the web and within college career centers, Mary took the time to address my individual needs whether that involved simple resume edits, in-depth discussion of different career paths, or advice on salary negotiations. Her help was invaluable and I would highly recommend her work.”

2010 Graduate,
Yale School of Management

“Mary was very helpful in thinking through the job search process and suggesting effective ways to present myself. For example, Mary gave me excellent ideas on how to improve my resume, and advised me on key interview strategies. In a very short time Mary made me feel significantly more prepared for my career search.”

2010 Graduate,
Amherst College

“I’ve had the pleasure of working closely with Mary as she advised me on my career aspirations at Yale. Mary was replacing another advisor, and I was immediately impressed with her energy, responsiveness, and engagement. It quickly became evident that Mary is an experienced advisor, and I was impressed by her extensive and deep sector knowledge. Even when we got to the basics—resume and cover letter review— she was able to reveal points that others had missed. Her edits and suggestions helped position me as a much stronger candidate. Mary was also extremely beneficial when it came to both general and specific career advice. Not only did she point me in the right direction, but she found great firms to reach out to. I was fortunate to receive offers from several top firms, and Mary’s advice and guidance was instrumental in helping me secure offers and ultimately make the right decision. I strongly recommend her to anyone looking for career guidance.”

Graduate Candidate 2011,
Yale School of Management

“Our son, while a History major in Yale College, decided that he wanted to pursue a career in business. He signed up for the various Job Fairs, On-Campus Interviews, even met with influential alumni. It was all very exciting, but more than slightly overwhelming, to a 21 year old undergrad. Enter Mary Bloomer. Serving as what my son referred to as Mentor / Navigator / Coach, Mary was invaluable in defining the opportunities that big banks and broker/dealers offered, and in turn focused on how my son's particular interests could potentially intersect. Certainly, Mary's educational background and professional work experience is reason enough to seek her counsel, but we felt that her most lasting contribution was her ability to crystallize, on a highly individualized basis, a sensible game plan for him to follow. We are proud to report that this story has a happy ending.”

Class of 2010 Yale College Graduate

“As a new business school student, I worked with Mary Bloomer in creating an internship strategy and career map consistent with my long-term goals. I entered businesses school seeking a non-traditional career path, and my conversations with Mary helped shape and refine my thinking on how to achieve my near-term objectives. I believe that her input was critical in my decision to expand my networking efforts, and our conversations on exploring multiple approaches to career problems were invaluable.”

Graduate Candidate Class of 2011,
Yale School of Management

“Mary was first and foremost a great listener, helping me clarify my own career goals. She was always willing to make appropriate connections to help me advance my job search. And she provided sound and honest advice on specific next steps in the interview and offer process. Ultimately, her thoughtful guidance helped me evaluate my options and make the right choice based on my long-term goals. ”

2010 Graduate,
Yale School of Management

“Mary Bloomer played a central role in my internship search. Beginning with our first meeting and through our several sessions together, she listened carefully to my career goals, reviewed and help modify my resume and cover letters with those objectives in mind, and provide feedback and guidance throughout the internship search process that I was not able to find elsewhere. Mary was adept in helping me to think strategically about the internship process. Mary not only helped me to understand how internships in other sectors would serve me equally as well in reaching my career goals, but she also worked with me to identify internship opportunities in those areas. Her perseverance through the internship search process significantly contributed to me finding the right internship, which then resulted in a full-time offer with the company. ”

Graduate, Class of 2011,
Yale School of Management

“Working with Mary has made my job search more effective and efficient. Her guidance has helped me think outside my previously narrow focus regarding appropriate career paths that suit my skills and professional interests. Through the time we have spent together, I have come to highly respect her opinion and her ability to help me think not only about my 'next' job, but my long-term goals and the steps necessary to get there.”

Graduate 2005,
Yale School of Management

“Gary Frazier’s many supervisory roles and diverse industry experiences over a twenty-five year career coupled with the years of research he devoted to an MBA career advising book provide a great perspective for him to be a career advisor of professionals seeking to advance their business careers.”

Wharton MBA Graduate

“What is most impressive about Marisa is her ability to go beyond what is obvious and provide perspective to me that I alone would never have been able to see. The tools and guidance Marisa has provided me will always be invaluable as I move through my career. I consider Marisa a trusted advisor who is credible, engaging and has a depth of business knowledge across a multitude of disciplines as is made evident by her impressive credentials and leadership roles over her long and accomplished career. She takes the time to get to know her clients to help them in the best way possible - I have recommended Marisa to several friends and colleagues and will continue to do so.”

Wharton Graduate

“Marisa is an amazing coach - she quickly understood where I was in developing my goals, and helped me map out a step-by-step strategy to reach it. She has an innate ability to help me gain perspective, think forward, and craft my exist goals in a different manner. A simple change like that helped me make decisions very quickly!”

Columbia School of Business Graduate